In Rainbows

There are waterfalls, there are cascades, and there are even cataracts and torrents.

Then there is Skógafoss.

Other waterfalls may be higher, wider or more powerful, but Skógafoss stands supreme.

Beautifully composed, almost perfect in scale, welcoming, approachable, and routinely wreathed in rainbows, visits to this foss here on the South Coast of Iceland are always rewarded with awestruck wonderment.

A Troll, perhaps? Frozen in time, forever encircled by rainbows.

Formerly a sea cliff, left stranded aeons ago by the receding ocean, the Skógá River now plunges 200 feet down onto a coastal plain nearly three miles away from the water’s edge.

The observation deck is more than 300 steps away, but well worth the exertion.

The sprinkling spray produces rainbows the instant the sun lights up the sky – constantly appearing and disappearing single and double arcs, or even full circles on the most golden of days.

Legend tells of buried treasure to be found in a cave behind the cascades, in a chest that escaped the grasp of locals seeking riches when a ring handle appeared and then disappeared again, just as quickly and mysteriously.

The splendour of Skógafoss has been seen in Thor, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Game of Thrones, as well as a number of TV documentaries.

But seeing it on the screen cannot convey the majesty of the moment in life.

Seeing Skógafoss simplifies.

You understand your place in the world a little more clearly afterwards.

Published by johnelsewhere1968

Thoughtful wanderer in search of virtual meaning

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