I just know that something good is going to happen…

Way back in the early days of “The Simpsons”, an episode concluded with Homer somehow still alive and, even more surprisingly, still married and still in a job.

To celebrate his continuing victory over facts, fairness and physics, a cutaway took the viewer to a dictionary, in which his brainless triumph was marked with his own definition.

If dictionaries were really like that, perhaps they would become more popular again.

Certain words would become defined by a particular person, like Isaac Newton and “gravity“, Ronaldo and “smug” or Elon Musk for “future Bond villain“.

To be found in a hollowed-out volcano, sooner or later.

If the OED were to go down this road, I already know who would be listed under “kooky“.

Kate Bush. See kooky (adj).

For forty years, Kate Bush has been unconventional, eclectic, eccentric, and one of the most original and innovative recording artists around.

But it was her 1985 album “Hounds of Love” that, for me, delivered the most extraordinary song, later accompanied by a practically perfect video that combined Kate with a genuine rival for her “kooky” crown – one Donald Sutherland.

A Hollywood movie star was in a pop music video, trying to make it rain.

This was “Cloudbusting”.

This was no ordinary pop song – it hinted at themes and ideas of which I had no knowledge, only later learning that it was in fact a touching and fitting personal tribute to the maverick philosopher Wilhelm Reich – and that he and his son Peter had really tried to make it rain.

Back in 1985, all I knew then was that the song was utterly magnificent, Donald Sutherland was the coolest guy in the world and that kooky Kate Bush was, undoubtedly, a five-star genius.

“Something good is going to happen”.

It had.

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