There are a lot of puddles around at this time of year, just waiting for someone to jump in them.

This doesn’t happen quite as often as it should.

In the video for the 2006 Sigur Rós song Hoppípolla, two mobs of mischievous elders are seen loitering around the suburbs of Reykjavík, throwing water bombs, stealing sweets, scrumping, knocking on doors and running away – generally acting like five-year-olds and loving every minute of their retrograde juvenile behaviour.

Which includes jumping in puddles, which is the meaning of the song title.

There’s a timeless joy being expressed here, a memory of the sheer simplicity of life as a child, a time when jumping in puddles, falling over and getting nosebleeds held no fears and caused no consequences.

There’s a lot to be said for reminding yourself of that feeling every now and then.

Go on, give it a try.

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Thoughtful wanderer in search of virtual meaning

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