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There really is a bit too much “content” out there these days – all just cascading in front of our eyes, across our screens and into our ears, jostling for attention in an evermore crowded and cluttered consciousness.

For me, trying to keep up with new music had become rather confusing and far too dependent on whoever Jools Holland decided to parade this week on “Later with…“, occasionally acceptable tips from friends, or stumbling across someone new and interesting while half-trolleyed at Glastonbury.

Which radio station should I be listening to? Which podcast will keep me in the loop? Spotify was a potential solution, but there was just SO MUCH of it.

Then I discovered KEXP and I had my answer.

Based in Seattle and operating as a non-profit, independent and community-supported internet radio station, KEXP DJs are free from the shackles of syndicated computer-programmed playlists and they really make the most of that opportunity, showcasing exciting new acts from all over the world across a range of musical genres, from indie rock to blues, electronica, hip hop, punk and more.

The best thing about it? You don’t have to listen live and hope for the best.

Instead, there are three separate free podcasts – Song of the Day, KEXP Live Performances and KEXP Presents Music That Matters.

Subscribe to these – for absolutely nothing – and you get at least a couple of hours of brand new music delivered to your lugholes every week, with an enormous range of artists from Arcade Fire to Zero 7 lurking in their ludicrously well-stocked archives too.

There’s even an awesome (they say that a lot) YouTube channel with hundreds of hours of live performances to wallow in too.

I discovered this treasure trove of new and old music when KEXP broadcast live sets during the Airwaves festival from the coincidentally-named KEX Hostel in Reykjavík, presented by proper old school DJs like Kevin Cole and Cheryl Waters.

I had to go to the 64th parallel to find the best way to discover new music.

You don’t have to.

You’re welcome.

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