David Squires

As the intention of this blog is to talk only about “good things“, the subject of modern-day football has therefore not featured much so far.

Whilst a good game of football still has the potential to lift the spirits of fans and even improve social cohesion in a wider community at its best, there are plenty of rather awkward issues around the game at its worst too.

Poor player conduct, corruption and greed, over-exposure, ticket costs, betting addictions, re-emerging “isms”.

And then there’s VAR.

Football, earlier, waiting for another VAR check.

The game is ripe for ribaldry and there is nobody more “on the money” than David Squires of The Guardian when it comes to poking justifiable fun at those involved.


A tough season for The Firm

Each week, he delivers another perfectly composed cartoon that lampoons the absurdity of the previous week’s footballing madness, mixed with multiple references to the world outside the game too, straddling the spheres of politics, culture and sport.

Richly detailed, rewarding repeated readings, each panel is packed with subtleties that at times are only fully understood after reading the comments that follow each new issue.

If you enjoy football, and are potentially amused by representations of José Mourinho as the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, or Pep Guardiola as Winston Churchill, then it’s worth ten minutes each week to revel in the ridicule he pours upon those who deserve it the most, even if his targets are often the least well-equipped to handle his delicious barbs.

Even if you’re not a football fan, there is still so much to be savoured here.

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