C’était un rendez-vous

A man goes for a drive around Paris early one summer Sunday morning,

He makes his way around the Arc de Triomphe and past the Place de la Concorde, proceeding along the Champs-Élysées, turning left at the Louvre and then up towards Montmartre, before a final rendezvous with his girlfriend at Sacré-Cœur.

So far, so mundane.

What sets this Sunday drive apart from all others is that the driver covers 10km of Parisian streets in just over eight minutes, all of which are filmed at ground level in a single take, with only a few pigeons and the occasional bystander as witness to this mad metropolitan joyride.

Only a Woman in White, an uncooperative refuse wagon and a Nonchalant Woman in Red stand between director/driver Claude Lelouch and his completely unnecessary and somewhat reckless objective.

Sunday drivers…

His girlfriend is demonstrably worth rushing about for, but she shows absolutely no sign of irritation at his lateness, so there really was no need to charge across Paris in order to get there quite so quickly.

The very idea of driving across a capital city at an average speed of 80km/h is one that could only have happened either in the 1970s, or in a carefully scripted segment of Top Gear.

Thankfully, there is no sign of Jeremy Clarkson here – just a few French people and some distressed pigeons.

We never even get to see the car.

But it’s cool.

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